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Building a Brand Voice While Launching New Social Media Presence

Sensory Education Co’s founder Victoria Raymond came to me with a challenge, “Build me an approachable yet refined toy brand.”

The Challenge

Our goal was to launch a montessori-inspired toy company using entirely social media and Etsy. Victoria’s beautiful products deserved an equally quality brand and online presence, and I continue to try to deliver just that.

For this project, Sensory Education Co uses my Campaign Strategy, Branding, & Social Media Execution Services.

My Approach

With this month to month project, I balance building new brand elements with building social media presence.

We consistently focus on the three following goals:

1) Grow Social Media Presence

HOW: By engaging our target community with posts, comments, likes on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

TRACKING: Follower Count, Total Post Reach, Mentions, Shares, Saves, Re-pins

2) Drive Traffic to Etsy

HOW: By growing social media presence, and promoting product through community and brand ambassadors.

TRACKING: Traffic to Etsy from Social Media including bounce rate and clicks

3) Develop Brand

HOW: Create a consistent brand voice and style with social media and all customer facing assets

TRACKING: Qualitative, do we feel the brand is consistent, and tells the story we want?

The Results


For the branding, I focused on using natural organic colors that would appeal to her main target (Montessori moms) & work with her established photography style from M.Photo.

In addition to designing the logo, I continue to design custom graphics for social media, product packaging, stickers, and more. Those can be seen scattered throughout our social media.

Social Media

For her social media, I focus on keeping it light and bright, posting high quality images mixed with quotes and facts about Montossori based learning.

Sensory Education Co's Instagram presence continues to grow.

By posting consistently each week and engaging our followers, and focusing on following only accounts that fit our target market, we've grown steadily each month.

This work has also led to a great impression rate on our post. As we have many followers engaging, saving, and sharing our content consistently.

We continue to see organic traffic from all social media increase on Etsy listings. We hope to increase this number even higher to alleviate our current reliance on Etsy paid search in case Sensory Education Co decides to leave Etsy entirely in the future.

Here are a few recent posts that give an idea of the work I've done:

To see Sensory Education Co's Instagram, click here.

To check out our Pinterest, click here.

To shop on Etsy, click here.

Initial Photography:


Would you like to work with me on a product launch, social media presence, or product marketing? Reach out today and let's get to work!


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